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Every piece of clothing has a journey, you know where you brought the garment from, but you don’t know where it all began. I have chosen an item in my wardrobe that I wear many times a week, My Topshop Black Joni Jeans. Not knowing much about my clothing I am interested into researching the journey of my jeans.

Both these images of the labels inside my jeans were taken by myself.


To help me start my research I looked inside the jeans at the label and found out that they were made in Egypt, and are 67% cotton, 30% polyester and 3% elastane. Cotton is the main material used so I’m going to explore where it is made.


Cotton grows in warmer climates and is mainly grown in the U.S, China, Uzbekistan and India. Other country’s that grow cotton are Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Argentina and Greece. These countries produce a significant amount but less than the main cotton growing countries. Straight away from this research I have learnt that the material could have been grown in Egypt, or imported from another country that produces a larger amount so that the garment could be made in Egypt, to save time and money it is most likely that the cotton was grown in Egypt. Cotton is the most used fiber in lots of things including clothes and ingredients in the food that we eat.

The arcadia group owns Topshop and Topshop stated “We do not own or operate factories ourselves and Arcadia Group is rarely dominant in an individual factory. We have strong working relationships with our network of international suppliers, 60% of which have been with us for three years or more. Arcadia goods are manufactured in approximately 985 factories through 766 suppliers. Our top 20 suppliers provide 44% of our goods.”

“This year Arcadia products were made in 49 countries worldwide, although our top ten sourcing countries accounted for 91% and the top five for 71% of the goods we sold. These top five countries were China, Turkey, Romania, India and Bangladesh.” – Arcadia Group – Ethical Trading

This shows that my jeans were made in Egypt but the materials and sources to make the garments were more than likely imported from one of the top 5 countries that produce the materials. My garment then was imported to the UK and then to the Topshop store in the bullring, Birmingham, where I brought them. Doing this research has given me a further understanding on the journey my jeans have gone through before making it into a store and then into my ownership.