Gender Plays a big part in fashion, This is because a garment provides many people with a visual, For example, if a women wore men’s clothing they would be seen as masculine and if a man wore a dress for example, he would be seen as feminine. I have chosen to research into the corset because it relates to contour fashion and I think that it is seen as a feminine garment for women.


The corset first evolved and became popular in the 16th century in Europe, but its peak popularity was in the Victorian era. It was designed to give women an hourglass shape figure to make them appear more feminine and shaped even though it impacted women’s health by causing them to faint because of how tight their corsets were. In the early 16th century they were constructed out of stiff materials but later on the stiffness was sewn into the lining and seams of the corsets to change the shape and style of the garments.

Men have however been known to wear corsets to accentuate the V-shape from their shoulders to waist, other than to create the hourglass figure. Also cross dressers would wear corsets to make them look more feminine, however they were originally designed for women who wanted to change their body shape. Nowadays, if you see a man wearing a corset it would mainly be cross dressers and homosexuals wearing a corset because it is looked at as a more feminine garment.


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Modern corsets are seen as a sexual garment, they empower women and are known to give them a sexual confidence, they tend to be pricier as they are a luxury item of lingerie, they also cross with outerwear as garments often feature corset elements. Corsets in this time are also used as waist trainers to help women achieve a smaller waist. In comparison to the Victorian Era they were mainly wore as underwear and as a foundation garment to have the purpose to exaggerate their body shape to make them more attractive to men.

From my research I have learned that corsets were designed and are known specifically for women, but men have been known to wear them to look feminine which shows that corsets are seen as a feminine garment towards women.

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